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A Human-Centered Approach To Human Capital Management

We deliver full-spectrum IT performance, professional services, and full lifecycle human capital solutions to public and private sector organizations. 

MGS makes major programs an overwhelming success through operation and throughout the entire program lifecycle by leverging our proprietary, organized, and systematic human capital methodology, ‘AQHR’ (Attract. Qualify. Hire. Retain.). Through data-driven decision-making, MGS provides customized and innovative human capital and IT services that enable organizations to grow, train, and retain their workforce while ensuring national security and mission success. With over 20 years of experience serving the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense, our mission-driven services and solutions have consistently delivered results.


In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, MGS offers dynamic human capital and IT solutions that foster organizational agility, adaptability, innovation, and integration. Collaborating closely with our partners, we bring mission-focused insight and proven methods to address complex workforce and organizational challenges. With MGS, organizations can navigate change, drive efficiency, and achieve their goals.

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